Battery Packs For Ocean Deployments

Safe, Reliable, Long Lasting Battery Packs
for Ocean Deployments

    “You can never have enough batteries or enough memory”                      
    -Marinna Martini, USGS Woods Hole

We supply lithium battery packs that provide users with the longest deployment durations and the highest energy capacity available for oceanographic instrumentation. They are specifically optimized for the instruments they are designed for, and they provide substantially longer lives than either alkaline packs or traditional lithium packs.

The new Workhorse Lithium Battery Workhorse on Sea Spider (Stanford University)Pack triples the deployment duration of Workhorse ADCPs. You can have longer deployments, collect more data or collect better data. One Workhorse Lithium Pack gives you the equivalent capacity of a Workhorse Sentinel plus an external battery case, and makes deployment easier and more reliable.

Look inside this web site to learn more about the high performance of these packs and why they are safe, both for people and for your deployment.

Ocean Batteries is a Doppler Ltd. company. We also supply custom lithium battery packs for other applications.

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